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Fly safe and comfortable; fly with Ubaire

As part of ICCS Mexico & Latin America, Ubaire was born from the need to provide the best aviation rental services for business or private trips; ensuring at all times the safety, reliability, efficiency and quality in flights that our customers require.

To this end, we have qualified specialists to advise and comply with each request, also providing you with a large fleet of aircraft, including helicopters and air ambulances.

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Ubaire Experience

We want to provide you with the best traveling experience, which translates into pleasant and safe trips from the start to finish.

We are committed to offering you a superior service at all stages of the trip, before and during the flight.


Flight reservation

Our advisors will make sure that all your needs are met.

Día de vuelo

Flying date

Without long lines or crowds, you arrive at the terminal just 30 minutes before the flight.

Check In


Our team will accompany you on board with everything you need before taking off.



Enjoy your trip!



Land in style, comfortably reaching your final destination with a premium service.


Aircraft rental for private flights



We have the best operating partners in the country and have global access to all types of aircraft, from light to medium or long range.



The safest and fastest way to reach your destination. Dynamic and functional helicopters, which can adapt to different geographical areas.

First and foremost: safety.
In Ubaire, we are committed to provide you with the best service.

In Ubaire, we annually certify the operational and safety capacity of our operating partners, both their aircraft and their organizations and crews.

Due to COVID-19, we have reinforced our safety guidelines, intensifying cleaning and sanitation measures for aircraft.

We also comply with the most demanding hygiene protocols, endorsed by COFEPRIS Health Authority in Mexico and ICAO at the international level; such protocols are more relevant now in the post-COVID-19 era, so as to guarantee the safety of every traveler.


Empty Legs

Our purpose is to offer you the most competitive prices in one-way flights, that's why we have special offers for you in different national and international routes.

What is an empty leg or a ferry flight?

It is a one-way flight in which a plane used in a previous trip returns to its base airport without passengers, so this type of flight is an opportunity to fly at a much lower price compared to the regular cost of a standard rental flight.

It should be noted that this mode is subject to certain restrictions and limitations compared to standard rental flights, as it is a one-way flight with short notice, routes are limited and are subject to last minute changes.

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